CUE Rock Star Teacher Jam Sessions at CUE National Conference

CUE 16 general registration is SOLD OUT!!
You can still ADD a Jam Session IF you are ALREADY registered for CUE,
and then you can rock your face off!!

When registering, here are the codes associated with each workshop:
R1 - Keep Calm and Media On
R2 - Spheros - Toys That Teach
R3 - You-tubular Education: Curating and Creating
R4 - Create a Rockstar Website
R5 - Mobi-Photo-Thing
R6 - Around the World with Google Tour Builder
R7 - Innovation Playground
R8 - No More Boring Assessments
R9 - Real, Relevant, and Rigorous STEAM Integration
R10 - Google Sites for Project Management

Join us for three days of hands-on learning and collaborative conversations in beautiful Palm Springs.

Jam Sessions are a part of the CUE National Conference in Palm Springs.  One Jam Session is $40 for a 90 minute session (limit 30 participants per Jam Session, limit one Jam Session per participant). Registration must be completed through the conference page. You must be registered for the CUE National Conference to attend a CUE Rock Star Jam Session.

All CUE Rock Star Jam Sessions are purposely designed, focused, small group events that have three items in common:

Jam Sessions that are sold out will not be listed on registration page.

Hands-On Learning
All sessions consist of 90 min sessions allowing attendees to "dig in deep" and really get to know their topic and build resources to use next year.  

Small Presenter to Attendee Ratios
CUE Rock Star Jam Sessions are built so that there is one presenter for every 15 attendees. This allows participants to get hands-on support and learn directly from knowledgeable educators.

Ice Cream will be provided after each session.